Commodities Trading

Strike while the iron, copper, lead, zinc, nickel or cobalt is hot. Open an account with us to start trading commodities – including metals, energies and agricultural markets.

What are Commodities?

Commodities are basic goods that are traded on a stock exchange. Commodities are divided into two broad categories: hard commodities such as crude oil, gold, silver, and platinum, and soft commodities such as wheat, corn, coffee, and sugar. According to the standards of commodities, a commodity must be of a standardized amount and above a minimum quality level so that it can be exchanged for the same product produced by other producers trading on a specific exchange.


WHEAT 612.61 0.55% trade
COTTON 86.71 0.55% trade
SOYBEAN 1332.62 0.55% trade
COCOA 2991 0.55% trade
ZINC 2463 0.55% trade
COFFEE 186.10 0.55% trade
SUGAR 25.64 0.55% trade

Why Trade Commodities with ENT Forex?

  • Small Balance

    Manage and scale your position sizes with small contract sizes. Micro contract sizes provide you with more flexibility to take less risk per trade.

  • Leverage

    Buy and sell the world's most popular commodities with leverage. Check margin requirements. However, remember that margin trading is risky as it can also significantly increase your losses.

  • Online Trading

    CFD traders can buy and sell with a single click, speculate on the rise and fall of commodities, and use leverage to trade with low margins.

why choose us?

Two Way Investment

two way investment

You can profit not only from the upward(long) movements, but also from the downward (short) movements in the market.



By taking advantage of the high leverage opportunity, you can trade your money according to its multiples. It multiplies your profits and losses by the leverage you use regularly. Your earnings are instantly in your account.

Lucrative Account Options

lucrative account options

You can benefit from the advantages suitable for your investment amount with account types specific to each investor.

24/7 Deposits & Withdrawals

24/7 deposits & withdrawals

You can profit not only from the upward(long) movements, but also from the downward (short) movements in the market.